There is little doubt that a balanced life is conducive to happiness and well being, from a family or personal perspective.  Finding that balance is not always easy though, as “keeping the wolf from the door” is often paramount in our thinking when the household bills start to loom on the horizon.

Work to Live (a happy overall life) is a maxim that needs serious consideration, not it’s opposite.. Live to Work.  What is needed  is harmonization of certain factors.

Self Employed people should not work 18 hours a day, fitting a quick lunch in the middle of the day.  Take a leisurely break for lunch and eat mindfully.
Employees should not regularly work very long hours.
Instead, one should devote around three quarters of each day to eating, sleeping and leisurely pursuits.

Families should take turns with a mix of work, family commitments, and personal life responsibilities , among other factors.

Different countries fare differently for work-life balance according to a popular survey. Netherlands scored 9.3 out of a possible 10.

Secrets to a better work-life balance

Only 0.5% of Dutch employees regularly work very long hours, which is the lowest rate in the OECD, where the average is 13%. Instead, they devote around 16 hours per day to eating, sleeping and leisurely pursuits.
Denmark, now ranked second, scored 9.
Turkey’s work-life balance was the worst, rated as zero.
Mexico only scored slightly better with 0.8.

Here are 12 tips to try to harmonize your own life to score in the 9+ bracket.

  1.  Add at least 3 relaxing activities per week to your schedule.  Yoga, Art, Walking, Calligraphy, Fine Dining with friends, for example
  2.  Say No with a Smile more often to friends/acquaintances who tie up your time in petty pursuits
  3.  Delegate more often
  4.  De-Clutter your home, workspace, car at least once a month
  5.  Fit in to your life, time (min 10 mins) for exercise, like Gym, Yoga, On line Workout, every day
  6.  Be Present, Mindful, when you speak to people during each day’s conversations
  7.  Once a week, take a mental review of what you have done, note unnecessary actions, and decide to eliminate them in future
  8.  Start Journaling
  9.  Continually learn new things each and every day, by listening, and asking intelligent questions
  10.  Make your job your friend by enthusiasm and pursuit of excellence (Mental Attitude)
  11.  Schedule in Fun Days (theater, opera, sporting activities) every week, more than once if you can.
  12.  Learn to Meditate. Spirit/Mind/Physical balance is essential for Peace & Happiness


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