The whole import of this blog is to prove or disprove the assumption that you can make a full time living on the internet alone, without holding stock, or selling goods.
Once one of my two income streams are financially matched with internet marketing, I will quit my 1st job (driver for the NHS), then when the second income stream is matched, I will quit my 2nd job (driving instructor) , so then I shall be a full time Internet Marketer.

The gist is that you essentially become a vagabond of sorts-albeit a highly skilled and coveted one- you can then work as and when you like, what hours you like, and travel the world going from one place to the next. You get to keep your job (working odd hours to do so) while also satiating your wanderlust & hobbies.

Can I do it?
I’ve no idea…
Watch this space….

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    • Julie

      Hi Stephen. I love your blog, that’s a cool black and white picture. I am right along with you on the ride of our lifetime, heh? You have a great start to your blog. I love it 🙂

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