A lot has been written about goal-setting and correct mindset, and many practitioners have fallen by the wayside when circumstances turn against them.  I think this is one of the reasons most of the human race does NOT SET goals, or gives up after some time after not seeing their desired result.
Their mindset is altered because of a change to “less-favorable” circumstances, and more importantly, their reaction to this “less-favorable” turn of events. I believe herein lies the fundamental mistake.

Take an average intelligent man, let’s call him Eric, with a sound mind, and within a short space of time, he can accomplish remarkable things, and live a creative life benefiting his family for generations to come.

Take his neighbor, let’s call him Andy, with the same intelligence, with a similar sound mind, and within a short space of time, he can destroy himself,  and finish his life in destitution, leaving himself and his family bereft of the fine things in life.

What do you think has caused this disparity?
I think it is “thoughts.”
Which brings us back to the first paragraph about mindset.  Goal setting and correct mindset is not about “parroting” goals twice a day, and then forgetting about them in the mayhem of daily life.. its how we react to setbacks in our lives, how we learn from them, realizing some bad outcomes are inevitable, adjusting, moving on relentlessly, this is correct mindset for success.

This is where you goals will really come in handy.  Read them when the times are tough.  Keep on keeping on, relentlessly. Nature has a habit of bending to the will of the man who knows where he is going.

Optimism is highly related to success.
Going back to the two people in our story earlier.  Eric is likely to be imagining, or thinking, a happy result for himself throughout his life.
Andy, on the other hand, would likely wander aimlessly in to a bookstore, leave empty handed, saying “I almost bought a book about how to think positively, but then I thought, “What good would that do?”
People who never develop a belief in themselves, no matter what their intrinsic talents, are unlikely to become highly successful.  They have long since been encouraged to pursue other less demanding pursuits in life.  So, whatever you do, start off with an optimistic belief.

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.” — Helen Keller.

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      Best read I’ve had for ages… You should write a full inspirational book!

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