The choice to work from home is a dream come true for many people throughout the world.
In the west, with our luxuries, we can holiday more frequently, work our own hours, and take days off without affecting our lifestyle.
In less affluent countries, working from home could mean the difference between life and death. Internet marketers for example in India, can earn 100 times more at home online than they would ever earn in their villages.
Even though there are some challenges associated with self-employment, I personally love working from home. For the most part, I set my own schedule, and I have time to do the things I like to do — when I want to do them.
However, not everyone thrives in a this home environment. In order to make it work (especially if you are just starting your own business from scratch), there are 5 traits that are useful to have:

I will discuss the first of them  here:
1. MotivationBefore Seeking Success As A Digital Nomad Build Your Business At Home.
You really need to have a “dogged” degree of motivation if you want to work from home. Whether you work for someone else from your home office, or whether you are running your own business, you need to be able to motivate yourself over and over again to get work done. It’s a very different experience when you are supposed to get yourself moving, instead of your boss expecting you to deliver, and when you are responsible for setting your own output expectancies.
You have to deliver for you, not to get paid from your company.
Your mindset differs..
Part 2, Overcoming Self-Doubt follows…

    1 Response to "The 5 Traits. 1. Self-Motivation"

    • Anthony

      Howdy Giles,

      I have never ever had any objection to the idea of working from home. I just love after having spent the majority of my professional career stuck in an office at times my boss said I had to be there. And then there was all the time wasted on commuting.

      In a nutshell, I’m motivated to make online marketing work.
      Best wishes to you mate!

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