One of the most difficult things that some people ever do is transform themselves from a person full of self-doubt to a self-assured person that believes in themselves.
But, the truth is that no matter where you are in life right now, no matter how many mistakes you’ve made, opportunities you’ve let slip by, or what’s happened to you in life, you can overcome your self-doubt and start believing in yourself.
This is true even if you had a terrible upbringing and even if you’ve never believed in yourself before. It’s within your power, and it will change your life completely.


Let’s get started learning how you can overcome self-doubt and believe in yourself.



What Is Self-Doubt?


The dictionary defines self-doubt as, “the lack of confidence in oneself and one’s abilities.” This is a very good definition, but it doesn’t fully demonstrate the problems caused by self-doubt and not believing in yourself.


Think about these questions:


  • What are the dangers of self-doubt?
  • How does self-doubt affect your life?
  • Where does self-doubt come from?
  • And most importantly, how do you overcome it?


We’ll try to give the answers to all these questions and more.  Everyone has different issues, reasons for their self-doubt, and problems in their life. You’re a unique person and there is no one-size-fits-all answer.



The Dangers of Self-Doubt and How It Affects Your Life


There are many dangers inherent in hanging on to self-doubt that you should be aware of. If you suffer from self-doubt, it’s important to understand the type of damage you’re doing to yourself if you continue to hang on to it. It has affected your past, is affecting your present and can devastate your future if you don’t deal with it. Here’s why.


  • Self-Doubt Damages Motivation – When you don’t think you can do much, and don’t trust yourself to do something right,confidence is lacking,  fear can get in the way, so you don’t do anything. This can turn into a severe lack of motivation to do more than you have to just to get by. It can affect your entire life because you may have fewer satisfying relationships, a job you dislike, and not enjoy life much.


  • Self-Doubt Causes Procrastination – If you don’t think you know how to do things “right” then you may end up thinking you’re a perfectionist, which is just a way to procrastinate and never finish anything or finish it at the last minute. This is how you set yourself up for failure. No one is perfect and perfection is not necessary to thrive in this life.


  • Self-Doubt Leads to Regret – When you miss opportunitiesthat life gives you, you will experience regret. Regret, when left unresolved, can lead to chronic stress and anxiety. This will then build upon itself to create even more self-doubt, which will create more regret, and so on.


  • Self-Doubt Causes Defeatism – If you allow self-doubt to continue, you can start to become almost morbid in your belief that you cannot experience anything good or happy. It’s essentially an acceptance of failure.


  • Self-Doubt Stunts Self-Improvement – When you have no faith in yourself, it’s hard to even think about self-improvement. You think you have too much to improve because you can’t do anything, and maybe you even think you’re a victim of your circumstances to a point that you cannot achieve even if you try.


  • Self-Doubt Stifles Inspiration – When you don’t believe in yourself, it’s hard to get inspired to do anything new or to create anything new. Ending the self-doubt will bring out the creativity you already really have.


As you can see and may have experienced yourself, self-doubt can be dangerous and these are all good reasons on their own to work toward overcoming self-doubt and learning to believe in yourself.

Part 3, Self-Discipline follows…

    1 Response to "The 5 Traits. 2. Overcoming Self-Doubt"

    • Kev Spence

      Hi Stephen, I am Part of The P2S programme and I have Really enjoyed this post. I have been having self-doubt this week as I am currently building my very first product, The issues I have been having are the feeling I am overwhelmed, I feel like I am going to fail with my product which, to be honest, It could happen. This Is the chance you have to take with IM I suppose. I guess, everyone at some point has felt exactly the same way.

      I fear that all of my work once completed and published could be all for nothing. Maybe I am just looking too far into it as It is bound to be very daunting with it being my very first time. I have a long way to go yet so I am going to book in with John and have a one on one with him and I am sure he will put me back on the right path.

      Anyway if you would like to take a look at my blog I would very much appreciate any feedback

      I bid you Good Luck in all your ventures
      Kind Regards
      Kev Spence

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